About Us

After lots of analyzing we have come to a conclusion that mostly people reach websites by typing them into search engine (like Google) instead of typing the full URL in browser and reaching it directly. Now what actually happens is that most of the sites on internet have very low SEO value in eyes of search engines, which means they are ranked lower. Result is that if you are looking for some site, you type the name of site in search engine only to find that you couldn’t find the exact site you are looking for – it’s really frustrating. To further complicate the problem, lots of time it happens that you know the name of website but not sure of correct spellings, or you know the partial name or don’t know if that website was ending with a .net, .com, .org etc. Obviously, you can’t type the site name to reach it directly via address bar in this case – you resort to search engine to quickly reach to your desired site, but to no avail because that site appears nowhere in search engine due to its low SEO value.

So that is where Webs-IP.com comes into play. We actually have profile pages on lots and lots of site. Although those stats are also worthy in their own right but those profile pages in particular, helps nameless and valueless, unpopular sites to rank quickly in search, thereby helping searchers to find them at top of the search result pages. Now this is only one dimension. Another main utility of Webs-IP.com lies in its value for marketers to find the estimated traffic and thus popularity of sites for web marketers.

It is also worthwhile to note that we are in alpha version of Webs-IP.com yet and there is a lot more to come. This is only the tip of an iceberg. So just stay tuned and it would be a favor to us if you spread the word about our site to your family and friends. Or if you have any question, comment or suggestion, or you simply want to reach out to us, then please use this contact us page